20 Jul 2007

How to get YDL 5.0.2 + PS3 + WPA working

First you need to recompile wireless-tools package as PowerPC64. Currently there is a bug in kernel (or feature) that does not allow ioctl32 calls to be used correctly. Therefore this causes ydl's default wireless-tools package not to work as it is compiled as PowerPC32.

To recompile it you need source RPM for wireless tools package: wireless-tools-28-1.src.rpm. Install it. It should extract some files under /usr/src/yellowdog/*/*. Unfortunely this package has problems compiling for ppc64 so this needs to be fixed first. I have made a patch for it which can be found from yellowdog-devel mailing list. Basicly you need to copy that new makefile patch file over older makefile patch file and then you can build it. After that just run "rpmbuild -bb wireless-tools.spec --target=ppc64" and it builds could of RPMs to /usr/src/yellowdog/RPMS/ppc64/. Install wireless-tools-28-1.ppc64.rpm package (rpm -ivh <pkg>). After that you can use iwconfig, iwpriv tools nicely and configure WPA.

To get it working automatically you must modify two files:

For ifcfg-eth0:


(others can be left empty)

If you don't use DHCP for some reason configure rest how you like.

For keys-eth0:

KEY=s:<your passphrase>
IWPRIV="set_alg 2"

Change "set_alg 2" to "set_alg 3" if you have WPA2-PSK (AES). I didn't get WPA2 working and I think it is hypervisor's firmware issue (as it works correcly in GameOS). This might be relative you Wireless Accesspoint in use or your PS3 hardware & firmware version. Check how it works, and tell us if you have success.

Oh. YDL's wireless kernel driver is a bit old, so AP scan might not work correctly. It is possible to compile newer driver for YDL but I won't go to details this time.


Ldd said...

I am very interested in this "method" you have found since I use WPA-PSK for my wireless network. Furthermore, I believe many people would be interested to look at a video (posted in youtube maybe).
I will try to do this with the information you have given. Nevertheless, I do believe a more friendly guide would be appreciated by ps3 users. I appreciate your efforts. THanks.

Ldd said...

It's me again. Sorry to bother you, but I have encountered some problems.

"Basically you need to copy that new makefile patch file over older makefile patch file and then you can build it. "

I have followed your instructions until that point ( I have already installed the wireless-tools-28-1.src.rpm package, which extracts some files under /usr/src/yellowdog/SOURCES.

I have extracted the .tar.gz on the same folder
Following this guide (http://www.newlinuxuser.com/howto-install-deb-rpm-and-source-code-files/)

After this, I try to use "make" and "make file" to build it, but it doesn't work. I might have misunderstood your post but any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

bache said...


leave a step by step

for a ps3 newbie

daChaac said...

Ok :)... I will make more detailed guide and some prepuilt binaries to make it easier for you all to setup.

daChaac said...

Created guide as another blog entry:

Guide to get WPA-PSK working on PS3 - YDL 5.0.2

Anonymous said...

You rock!!!

Bill F said...

ok i've gotten my internet working. my problem is getting it to stay after i reboot. u say "To get it working automatically you must modify two files:
/etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/keys-eth0" but how do i edit them? reading through the comments on your step by step, i noticed people saying to create the files and then to edit them. someone else said to do it in nano. i'm so confused. when i type in the ''/etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0'' it says permission denied. do i need to run it as a command? plz explain to me how to go about doing this. thnx in advance!