20 Jul 2007

How to get YDL 5.0.2 + PS3 + WPA working

First you need to recompile wireless-tools package as PowerPC64. Currently there is a bug in kernel (or feature) that does not allow ioctl32 calls to be used correctly. Therefore this causes ydl's default wireless-tools package not to work as it is compiled as PowerPC32.

To recompile it you need source RPM for wireless tools package: wireless-tools-28-1.src.rpm. Install it. It should extract some files under /usr/src/yellowdog/*/*. Unfortunely this package has problems compiling for ppc64 so this needs to be fixed first. I have made a patch for it which can be found from yellowdog-devel mailing list. Basicly you need to copy that new makefile patch file over older makefile patch file and then you can build it. After that just run "rpmbuild -bb wireless-tools.spec --target=ppc64" and it builds could of RPMs to /usr/src/yellowdog/RPMS/ppc64/. Install wireless-tools-28-1.ppc64.rpm package (rpm -ivh <pkg>). After that you can use iwconfig, iwpriv tools nicely and configure WPA.

To get it working automatically you must modify two files:

For ifcfg-eth0:


(others can be left empty)

If you don't use DHCP for some reason configure rest how you like.

For keys-eth0:

KEY=s:<your passphrase>
IWPRIV="set_alg 2"

Change "set_alg 2" to "set_alg 3" if you have WPA2-PSK (AES). I didn't get WPA2 working and I think it is hypervisor's firmware issue (as it works correcly in GameOS). This might be relative you Wireless Accesspoint in use or your PS3 hardware & firmware version. Check how it works, and tell us if you have success.

Oh. YDL's wireless kernel driver is a bit old, so AP scan might not work correctly. It is possible to compile newer driver for YDL but I won't go to details this time.

15 Jul 2007

Serving mp4 files to PS3

Playstation 3's webbrowser seems to be quite picky on what it accepts to be downloadable. On net there was some hints to rename filenames as avi. But at least for me it downloaded them but at least my mp4 trailer was reported as corrupt. Perhaps there should be correct AVI container data present for that trick to work. However that made me think. Perhaps my local server was just missing correct MIME type. Googled a bit and it seems that mp4 files should be recognized as video/mp4. Reconfigured apache to recognize this and voilá! mp4 files downloads nicely from my home server. And as extension was correct PS3's video player played that mp4 trailer nicely.

3 Jul 2007

Mylyn looks great!

With recent release of new Eclipse Europa there was new tools introduced or at least new to me. One of them was Mylyn, a task based workflow integration to Eclipse. I saw some web presentations with demonstration how nicely it integrated with Java work. It looked promising but there wasn't any info how it integrates with CDT or with other stuff. So I wanted to test it out. And yes, it looks like its source listing feature also works with CDT! Yay! This looks really promising and useful feature when working with large sets of code. It just needs a trac or bugzilla so it can share those filtering settings. Something to bake on my development server ;).

1 Jul 2007

New Eclipse and CDT is released!

Yeay! We got new Eclipse Europa release. While checking it out I found about mylyn project. It integrates task based working to Eclipse IDE. Watched about some web presentation about it and it looks fine addition. Need to try this one later one. Now that new release CDT 4.0 is out I would propose that anyone working with C/C++ code would test it out :). It does not have great list of toolsets configured at the moment, but you can always use just makefiles. There are tons of other stuff that is new... probably takes ages to try them out :)

First wireless WPA connection with PS3 Linux!

It seems that PS3 Linux's gelic wireless driver is not designed to work with wpa_supplicant, instead it provides services (through hypervisor) to enable WPA & WPA2 security. I got nice tip from author of the original driver on how to setup it. Only problem seems to be that from that last screenshot of iwconfig, I installed new firmware upgrade (1.82)... This does not seem to report WPA2+AES correctly anymore. During debugging it, I noticed that current driver does not seem to handle association reporting correctly to Linux wireless stack so I had to add some code to report associations correctly. When I figured this out, I tried WPA+TKIP and got connection up... Now lets see if we can get fix for this WPA2+AES issue in future firmware.

I would like to remind people wanting to get WPA or WPA2 working to wait a moment and lets fix problems before getting this on mainstream. (eg. do not ask patched driver from me ;))