30 Jun 2007

More WPA2 debugging

Tonight I was debugging more wireless and it seems that driver does not report that AP is using better encryption than WEP. Wpa_supplicant seems to look for WPA IE and/or RSN IE data so I need to find out where to get that or do I need to bake it somehow (or can I bake it). Having no documentation for gelic is making it a bit hard to guess, but it would seem that this AP's IE information is not available from it. Need to study this more later on. I also implemented some ioctl's so that user space can query and set those values, wpa_supplicant was giving some warnings about those. Though I am still wondering should those values be used in driver itself and not just to provide storage helper ;). Hacked wpa_supplicant to accept my AP without whining about missing WPA, it went a bit further leaved scanning mode to another but then again failed. It looks like it sets wrong encryption session settings or something like that as it didn't get it from driver on those IE fields. Need to study this more too...

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